P.J. Fitzpatrick, Inc. Enjoys Additional Success with BathWraps

P.J. Fitzpatrick, Inc. Enjoys Additional Success with BathWraps

For more than 35 years, P.J. Fitzpatrick, Inc. has been a trusted name in roofing, siding, and window projects throughout Delaware. Whenever someone wanted to improve the exterior of their home in Delaware, odds were pretty high that they would pick up the phone and call Mr. Fitzpatrick and his team. However, a business founded mostly on exterior home improvements, repairs, and renovations on the east coast falls victim to the weather. During the rainy seasons, not many people want roofing, siding, and window work done.

With a team of contractors greater than 50 people strong, P.J. Fitzpatrick, Inc. had to come up with a way to keep business consistent all year round. This is where BathWraps, a Jacuzzi Inc. company that transforms bathroom interiors in as little as one day, comes into play.

Recognizing that BathWraps would both fix the seasonal problem related to outdoor projects as well as massively expand the company’s product line, P.J. Fitzpatrick, Inc. was eager to team up with us here at BathWraps. P.J. Fitzpatrick, Inc. applied to become a dealer using our thorough yet simple process and was soon enjoying a sales territory exclusively carved into the map for their company. When a company becomes an official BathWraps dealer, no franchise fees or hidden costs are tacked on, but they still get to be the sole dealer in their region. In this way, becoming a BathWraps dealer is like getting all the benefits of being a franchise while still maintaining total company control.

Would you like to know more about the story of P.J. Fitzpatrick, Inc. and its team-up with BathWraps? Click here to read a full article posted by ProRemodeler. You can also go to http://www.pjfitz.com/ to see what P.J. Fitzpatrick, Inc. is all about and how they have been able to expand their business with BathWraps. Of course, if you are within the home and bathroom remodeling business and want to empower your own brand with BathWraps and Jacuzzi, Inc. products, be sure to find out how to become a dealer today.