BathWraps (Once Liners Direct) Acquired by Jacuzzi® Brands LLC

BathWraps (Once Liners Direct) Acquired by Jacuzzi® Brands LLC

BathWraps, previously known as Liners Direct, has been studying its markets, both current and prospective, to identify opportunities for growth and expansion. After discovering promising possibilities with potential walk-in bathtub offerings, BathWraps considered how to reach its new objectives quickly, efficiently, and in a way that benefited the company and its many clients.

In order to better complete its goals and greatly expand into the walk-in bathtub market, BathWraps has recently been acquired by Jacuzzi® Brands LLC. As one of the most prominent bathware suppliers that utilizes American remodeling dealers, BathWraps promises to be a significant boon to Jacuzzi® Brands.

BathWraps manufactures customized and standard acrylic wetspace materials and surfaces for tubs, showers, and bathroom spaces. It uses this unique approach to remodeling a bathroom to simplify the process for homeowners who want to give the room a facelift without having to dig deeply into pocketbooks or worry about complicated construction efforts. Indeed, the ease of use, effectiveness, and high-quality appearance of BathWraps products has appealed to both countless clients throughout the years and Jacuzzi® Brands LLC, which will further strengthen the company with the introduction of its line of walk-in tubs.

The remodeling dealers that primarily work with BathWraps to complete projects throughout the country will enjoy the added benefits of teaming up Jacuzzi® Brands LLC. Where there is strength in numbers, there is also true marketplace formidability in being supported by a parent company of such influence, experience, and insight.

Both BathWraps and Jacuzzi® Brands LLC were adamant within press releases regarding the acquisition that employees, product suppliers, and, of course, customers deserve a hearty round of thanks. Without the continual effort of employees, constant communication with suppliers, and loyalty of dealers, the company merge would not have been possible. Thanks to the acquisition, BathWraps expects to be able to push its bathroom transformation and remodeling services into a large and exciting new business front: New York.

If you would like to learn more about BathWraps and its projected growth, you can find two interesting articles from EstateEnvy by clicking here and here. If you are interested in becoming a dealer with BathWraps and our innovative product line and services – now featuring walk-in bathtubs – feel free to call at any time to learn more.