3 Reasons To Become A BathWraps Dealer

3 Reasons To Become A BathWraps Dealer

The leading bathroom remodeling company offers a compelling opportunity for home industry businesses.

Home improvement businesses looking to add another product line to their company should look no further than BathWraps. Not only is the frequency of bathroom renovations on the rise, but consumers are increasingly demanding better, more cost-effective options.

With a network of some of the industry’s most respected home improvement companies in the nation, one-day bathroom remodeling solution BathWraps has established itself as a leader in its field through exceptional products and consistent, quality support and service. BathWraps continues to grow its footprint through strategic partnerships with qualified remodeling companies, providing potential home industry partners with an additional revenue stream by bolstering their catalog of existing offerings.

A strong product in a high-demand industry

With BathWraps, home owners can quickly and easily upgrade an outdated or damaged bathroom in just one day. The brand delivers quality and convenient bathroom transformations with its robust list of products and signature one-day remodel system, creating incredible value for customers and in turn, for its dealers.

The Bathwraps product line is as quality as it is beautiful. All of the brand's products are American-made, easy to clean and maintain, and have lifetime warranties.

Turnkey business model

As a BathWraps dealer, there are no franchise fees. The brand’s business model helps dealers achieve as much as 60 percent gross profit margin, meaning that when companies that elect to distribute BathWraps products grow, they do so profitably.

Benefits of the BathWraps remodel system for dealers include sales reaching up to $18,000 per job and low overhead as services can be completed with one installer and one truck, in one day. Additionally, each marketplace is protected for the company partner.

Becoming a BathWraps dealer gives other one-day home service businesses the chance to expand their offerings, tapping into existing client lists to add revenue and eliminate seasonality and one-time service from their businesses.

Outstanding end-to-end support

Joining the BathWraps dealer network comes with the promise of unparalleled, unending support from the company’s experienced team. BathWraps has a deep understanding of the bathroom remodeling industry and imparts valuable knowledge onto its dealers via its proven systems.

From marketing to installation, the company separates itself from other manufacturers, providing dealers with the opportunity to expand their business, strengthen their reputation and own the bath remodeling market in their area.

BathWraps holds training sessions at BathWraps Academy regional events, dealers’ local offices and through virtual meetings for added convenience to its dealers. Marketing training sessions highlight best practices for the industry, from call center methodology and scripting to preparing field teams to generate quality leads consistently. Leadership training sessions help prepare dealers to act strategically and efficiently to maximize returns, while installation training sessions provide a step-by-step, hands-on walkthrough of BathWraps installation processes.

Further, the brand’s industry-leading lead generation program provides businesses with quality, qualified leads, a crucial aspect to business in the home improvement industry. The company’s advertising and promotions support help dealers increase return rates and new customer inquisitions through an extensive and exclusive library of materials. BathWraps also boasts extensive sales support, through training, sales kits and tech-enabled tools that make in-home selling simple.

In all, BathWraps provides businesses with the unique opportunity for a steady stream of income by leveraging the high demand for bath remodeling with a turnkey business plan that the company helps implement every step of the way.