How To Improve Conversion of Inbound Calls

How To Improve Conversion of Inbound Calls

Inbound call centers are essential to lead acquisition for many improvement companies, though most fail to convert at a notable rate. This isn’t the case for BathWraps, a dominant force in the bathtub and shower manufacturing industries that boasts a conversion rate of x. With a network of 120-plus dealers currently operating across the country, BathWraps’ continued growth plan hinges on the successful lead conversion it consistently generates through its call center. Director of Dealer and Business Development Dave Azer discussed the BathWraps system for inbound call conversion and why it’s been so successful.


Azer emphasized the importance of training to adequately prepare employees to meet company goals. “Everyone in the call center should be trained for months before they take one call,” he said. “If the goal is one lead every two hours, employees must be actively coached and trained so they are properly equipped to meet and exceed that,” he added.

Azer recommended enlisting experienced call center professionals to observe trainees and make sure they are comfortable, confident and capable before taking on live calls.


“We train our call center employees to identify the call before it comes in,” Azer said. They are taught to use the location of inbound call and the product they are inquiring about to recognize the proper dealer or product team to which to direct the call. “With that training, they are able to greet callers properly and match them with their areas of need seamlessly,” Azer added.


Monitoring lead conversion rates is essential to providing an accurate snapshot of the work call center employees are doing and gathering the necessary data to develop improvement plans. “By understanding baseline current performance, there is a means to set a goal for improvement,” Azer said. “From there, we produce weekly and monthly reports that indicate each person's conversation, to inquiry, to introduction to the sales team,” he said.


By instating tracking procedures, Azer is able to identify employees who aren’t meeting baseline conversion rates and give them more training to help them succeed. “Conversely, those who are performing above the curve get the chance to field more calls,” he said. “Tracking and posting individual statistics creates a healthy competition in the call center,” Azer said. “We facilitate that to motivate someone who might have been in last place the week before to work hard and turn it on,” he added.


That motivation should also come equally in the form of rewarding employees for their efforts. Azer said his career beginnings as a telemarketer gave him the ability to understand the importance of this type of praise for individual and overall success. “Nobody grows up wanting to be a telemarketer,” Azer noted. “Our people need to be constantly praised for their customer service success.”

By reviewing call recordings for quality and using the data BathWraps tracks closely, “We are able to make people feel good about their job by bestowing the necessary praise to them, both as individuals and as a team,” Azer said.