BathWraps Featured in Strictly Business Lincoln

BathWraps Featured in Strictly Business Lincoln

BathWraps has had an exciting and monumental few months recently. Not only has it partnered up with the internationally renowned Jacuzzi®, Inc. by being added into its portfolio but it has also seen tremendous growth and furthered potential in Nebraska. The company is currently seeking a partner in Lincoln, Nebraska to help bring its goals into reality.

In recognition of these exciting changes and successes, Strictly Business Lincoln, a publication that reaches nearly 16,000 people and businesses each month, wrote an article about BathWraps and its Nebraska-based business ventures. The publication also has an online version that more than 5,500 people visit each month. We would like to extend sincere thanks to Strictly Business Lincoln for featuring our company in its popular publication.

More About BathWraps & Jacuzzi®

When homeowners want a quick and easy solution to outdated wetspaces in their bathroom, they can turn to BathWraps. Our brand has partnered with incredible businesses all around the United States to help make it simple for people to learn about, purchase, and utilize our innovative products. Together, we are changing the face of both the industry and the bathrooms of clients. Finding a reliable partner in Lincoln is our next objective and we believe it will be met sooner than later.

See the BathWraps Difference:

Would you like to know more about BathWraps, Jacuzzi®, and Strictly Business Lincoln? Click here to visit the online article posted by the publication about BathWraps’ move into Nebraska. You may also wish to learn about our professional process if you are thinking about becoming a dealer with BathWraps. We are always excited to speak to prospective business partners.